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    Do you suffer from debilitating pain?

    Acute pain is a warning our body gives us to show us we have exceeded our limits. It tells us to stop and rest.

    Chronic pain diagnosis and following therapy

    Early discovery of the source of the pain prevents us from serious complications.

    Do you want to improve your sporting performance?

    Pain can limit the quality of your performance when playing sports.  Physiotherapy can lead to better results on the playing field.

    Are you having problems with back pain during pregnancy?

    Don’t be afraid to use physiotherapy during pregnancy.  Special techniques can be used to alleviate or remove back pain, even during pregnancy.

Martina Šenková


Martina earned her Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Sports Medicine the Charles University in Prague.  She started her professional career in the Department of Physiotherapy at the regional Teplice hospital, lead by head physician Dr. L. Turek.  In 1996, Martina joined the team at the Institute of Rheumatology in Prague, where she gained more valuable experience, and then worked worked as a specialized consultant for physiotherapists for many years at the MuDR. Jiri Marek Monada Clinic of Comprehensive Physiotherapy. Martina finished her time there as a member of the clinic’s management team.

Martina has extensive clinical experience that she uses during her assessment and therapy, especially with people suffering from slipped discs and back pain. She also works with professional athletes. Her approach to her patients is very individualized, and she always seeks the best treatment for each person.

Martina has given a number of lectures during various specialised weekend courses and workshops for physiotherapists and GPs.  She has also worked in Czech schools, examining preschool children during a scoliosis prevention program. Martina spent 6 years teaching international students at the Charles University. She has given lectures at professional congresses and has herself attended various continuing education events, for example developmental kinesiology courses in manual medicine, Basal programs – postural therapy based on developmental kinesiology, and the activation of the reflective locomotion system – Vojta therapy.


  • 2003- Conference of Rehabilitation, Physical and Spa Medicine Jáchymov “Chronic Myoskeletal Pain and Sports Activities“ Dvořák, T., Šenková, M.
  • 2004 – Conference of Rehabilitation, Physical and Spa Medicine Jáchymov “The Influence of Ontogenic Development on the Sacrum, Upper Extremities, and the Body as a Whole“
  • 2005 – Congress Centre in Poděbrady “Clinical Diagnosis and Effect Treatment of Quadrupedal Locomotion in the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine“ Dvořák, T., Šenková, M.
  • 2007 – Annual Monada conference, a private physiotherapy clinic, “The Influence of Swimming Dolphin-Style on Scoliosis” Šenková, M.
  • 2010 – Conference of Rehabilitation, Physical and Spa Medicine Jáchymov, “Effective Treatment of Congenital Hip Dysplasia”
  • 2012 Jubilee conference of the Mudr. Jiřího Marka Clinic of Comprehensive Physiotherapy, “Findings in Clinical Examinations of Preschool Aged Children” Mgr. Martina Šenková, Dr. Kateřina Marková
  • Mudr. Zilla Šonková – neurology specialist at the na Homolce hospital, Poliklinika Hradčanské
  • Mudr. Martin Jerie – neurology specialist for EMG examinations at the na Homolce hospital
  • Mudr. Hynek Jebavý – general practitioner at Vaccinium, Senovážné náměstí 980/22, Praha 1
  • Jana Komers Svobodová – specializes in psychosomatic and related disorders, Vinohradská 55, Praha 2
  • Barbora Kohoutková – specialist in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, exercise using specific movement systems
  • Mgr. Michaela Vojtová – specializes in problems with equilibrium relating to the inner ear
  • GBA Academy Basketball Club – Julian Beťko – head coach, Matěj Zajíček – manager

2015 Poněšice – oral presentation with demonstration on the subject of How to care for your musculo-skeletal system in order to avoid back pain“ for students of HAMU specializing in the fields of dance and pantomime.

2015 – participated in continuing education on the topic of vertebrovisceral relations and their applications to clinical practice by P. Bittnar

I have been working with two-time Czech junior rowing champion Katerina Hartmanova since 2014.  I provide intervertebral disc therapy with the goal of activating intraabdominal pressure and improving pelvic stability. We work together to improve her technique in order to harmononize muscle function for ideal performance.

Since 2012, I have been the physiotherapist for the Czech junior basketball team at the GBA academy in Prague.  In cooperation with coach Julian Betka, I work to improve the player‘s techniques and on targeted muscle warm-ups and cool-downs during training.  I also design specific physiotherapy programs for each player.

I performed kinesiological evaluations for the Czech junior water polo team in 2011.  The goal was to identify problems within the player‘s movements, and to recommend corrective alternatives.

In 2010, I did a workplace analysis to recommend appropriate ergonomic modifications for employees at TRW, in order to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome during workplace activity.  125 women, whose main task was sewing steering wheel covers, were examined.  (Mgr. Renáta Nováková, Mgr. Martina Šenková)

2010 – 2012 – Clinical and preventative examination of preschool aged children in preschools for early detection of spinal scoliosis and problems with posture.

2007 – 2009 – Physical examinations junior football team members, aimed at detecting spinal and foot problems.

2008 – Work with young girls who were dressage horseback riders. The goal was to coordinate the rider’s movements with those of the horse, and to address problems with neck and back pain.  Part of this involved observing the girls as they rode, and to check for related posture or movement issues.


  • Dance Medicin (Art Physio) Jarmo Ahonen, Finland
  • Dance Medicin (Rolfing, Pilates) Ingrid Kerec, Vienna, Austria
  • Camp for the physically disabled (Hove), established BY Finn Sørensen


  •  T. Dvořák, M. Šenková: Exercising to Prevent Back Pain (DVD)
  •  M. Šenková: Exercising With Fitness Balls I. (DVD)
  •  K. Máčiková, R. Šmídová, M. Šenková: Exercises for Children

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