What is chronic pain?

Recurrent pain that keeps coming back, annoys and limits us in our daily activities. The source of our pain may not be localized as it can move from one place to another. The pain changes throughout the day. The kinesiology tapes do not help and you do not want to be taking pills. The test show no obvious problem and the doctors do not know how to proceed.

What causes chronic pain?

Chronic pain is most often caused by spinal discs, small joints between vertebras and scoliosis. The most common complications are scars after surgeries, difficult deliveries and injuries, such as lower back injuries, sprained ankle or lower limb fractures. The musculoskeletal system does not work as a whole, the body is overstretched and some of its parts do not work properly which has a negative impact on the patient. The everyday pain disturbs patients´ personal and work life. The patients´ mental state affects the physical one and the patients are caught in a vicious circle and do not know what to do.


My task is to discover if the problem is psychosomatic and to find the root of the pain. In most cases the therapy is targeted at a different part of the body to the one the patient describes as painful. The success of the therapy also depends on the co-operation and diligent approach of the patient.

An example: the painful bunion does not always have to be caused by flat feet or wearing high heels. The hip joint or pelvic examination has very often been forgotten.

React to your pain on time