You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) here

I have got a recommendation from a doctor, can I make an appointment?

We are not a state medical facility and therefore your health insurance does not cover the therapy. We want to give our patients as much time as is necessary for their therapy and also to be flexible and make appointments at short notice.

How many times do I need to come?

It always depends on the agreement between the patient and the physiotherapist. In most cases 3-6 sessions are required. We always inform the patient in advance.

How often should I exercise?

Most often the patient is instructed what exercise to do. It is not time consuming, therefore it is easy to exercise twice a day, even during work days.

What are my chances of full recovery?

The prognosis of a successful physiotherapy is very high if the physiotherapist finds the cause of the pain. It is essential that the patient cooperates and follows instructions during the whole treatment. If the patient decides to work hard, then there is a very good chance of patients making a full recovery.

Which sports shall I do to fight my back pain?

If a pain limits you during sport or after an activity, we are getting a warning that something is wrong. There is no sport that would help you with your back pain. I often hear doctors recommend swimming. Being in water is very good for relaxation and warm water even relaxes muscles, however without a well mastered swimming style, when your head is more above the water rather than under, you will not help your back pain at all.

Is a surgery for lumbago necessary?

There is no need to do the surgery immediately, nevertheless it always depends on the doctor, who decides according to all the available information (X-ray, CT, MRI). Good physiotherapy focusing on this problem is most important.

React to your pain on time