We are a private medical facility without any contract relationships with health insurance companies. Thanks to my qualifications I am able to work independently, treating patients with musculoskeletal problems. If no improvement occurs, I do cooperate with doctors - specialists. Short notice appointments and keeping to a timetable are essential for me. You do not need a recommendation from a GP.


Your medical reports, X-ray images, magnetic resonance in an electronic form, you will be examined wearing your underwear, no need to bring any extra clothes.


You might feel quite tired after the therapy, so I recommend that you do not attempt any strenuous exercise afterwards.


Past medical history even if it is not directly connected with the problem you are coming with, information about a Caesarean section or delivery – how many, how severe, sporting injuries etc. If a child is being examined, we ask about their first year’s development.


Unfortunately, we are only able to accept cash payment on the day of the consultation. It is not possible to pay by credit card. By prior agreement an invoice can be issued. We do not accept employee vouchers.


Price list for physiotherapy and examinations

Initial Assessment –  Kc. 3000
The initial assessment consists of a detailed discussion with the client about case history, diagnosis of problems in the musculoskeletal system, determining the cause(s) of pain, including possible mental/emotional factors (stress, etc.), divising and discussing the treatment plan, and a final summary and report.  Duration: 1.5 hours

Follow-up examination – Kc. 2500
Entails an evaluation of the patient’s condition after concluding treatment after a period of three months or longer.

Physiotherapy – Kc. 1500
Treatment includes targeted physiotherapy for the given problem after the initial assessment

Physiotherapy for chronic conditions – Kc. 2000
Maintenance therapy for the whole musculoskeletal system; the patient comes in for therapy about once a month over a longer period of time.

Emergency physiotherapy session – Kc. 2500
This includes a one-time treatment session to relieve acute pain, and an appointment scheduled for the earliest available time.

Long-term treatment for chronic problems – Kc. 1500 per session
This includes therapeutic treatment that is tailored to each individual client.

Physiotherapy for children under 1 year of age – Kc. 1000 per session
Analysis of child’s movements, assessment of spontaneous motor skills, explanation of recommended exercises to child’s parents, including a practical demonstration of the  exercises.

Physiotherapy for pre-school aged children – Kc. 1100 per session
Includes age-appropriate therapy and treatment.

Initial Assessment for Athletes – Kc. 3500
This includes a kinesiological analysis, diagnosis of problems within the musculoskeletal system, observation of technique/movement on video or in the office, determining deviations of movement (can be in cooperation with the coach or trainer),an individualized physiotherapeutic treatment plan targeted at addressing problematic issues, and a final report for the coach/trainer.  Duration: 1.5 hours.

Physiotherapy for athletes – Kc. 1600 per session
This includes therapeutic treatment aimed at relieving pain as quickly as possible. It also includes an individualized plan for exercises to support treatment for the athlete to do at home, in his/her own time.

Physiotherapy during pregnancy – Kc. 1500 per session
One-time session intended to provide immediate relief from pain.

Physiotherapy for athletes in the field -Kc. 2000 for 30 min.
This includes observation of the athlete and their musculoskeletal system during sports activity, cooperation with coach/trainer during assessment for deviations in movement, on-site therapy for acute pain.

Kinesio taping –  Kc. 400

React to your pain on time