Help for sportspeople

In my treatment I help people to make the right choice of sport according to the proportions of the body and throughout the whole therapy I balance the load according to the biological age of a person. Insufficient recovery time and over exertion will result in uncomfortable muscle pain. Neglecting to muscle relaxation ends up in injury. Physiotherapy and specifically targeted stretching appropriate for particular sports helps us avoid uncomfortable muscle pain during activities.

How do I work with sportspeople?

Initial kinesiology examination reveals faulty movement habits and bad body posture which are crucial during sports activities. To find the source of the problems combined with the right choice of therapy and exercising at home is essential for the recovery of every person. They will also appreciate their improved technique after having got rid of the bed habits and poor body posture.


For a group sports trainer it is very difficult to add a compensatory exercise appropriate for each person in the group and therefore meet their individual needs. Personal approach and discipline both, at home and at the sports ground, are essential for success and good performance.

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