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A long-term poor posture together with a short intensive activity. After a long drive in an air-conditioned car or plane, we wake up blocked. An acute pain can also be caused by a damaged spinal disc or sciatic nerve inflammation, often known as ischias or lumbago. If we do not rest during the acute phase, we can expect our intervertebral space to be damaged in the future. To activate our muscles correctly and change our bad habits is the job of the physiotherapist.

Rest and keep the affected area warm (only dry heat). If no improvement shows, I recommend seeing a doctor. During the acute phase I relax the affected area, teach the patients to find a release position and recommend them to get rest. I highly discourage them from having hot baths or massages.


Acute care from physical therapist
I provide relief from acute back and cervical spine pain. If you need to help you decrease acute pain in particular injury.
Treatment/ Physical Therapy Reflex Therapy by Vojta, Prague school – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization by P. Kolář, I.m based on child physiological development in practise adult patients, strenghtening the kinetic chain according F. Véle 1.500,-

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Thanks to my qualifications I am able to work independently, treating patients with musculoskeletal problems. If no improvement occurs, I do cooperate with doctors - specialists. Short notice appointments and keeping to a timetable are essential for me. You do not need a recommendation from a GP.