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Also called sports therapy, sports physical therapy is a special focus on athletes by physical therapists. General physical therapist will be able to prevent an injury. I analysis prevalance and associated factors with pain in professional athletes even for amateur athletes (hip pain, pelvic girdle pain, ankle pain, Achilles tendon pain, knee pain, calf swelling) Therefore, I capable efficient qualified to spot muscles overuse and then spiral muscles chains dysfunction.

I find underlying of where the pain stemming from and give a diagnosis to treat it properly. Why are the muscles overloaded in the specific area. For example, if the sports requires a lot of strikes and stress to the shoulder, I will check overall on the body signs of weakness or overloaded. These dysblance could lead to injury, which is why assessing the biomechanice of each individual athletes is important for prevention. I will then tailor a plan with sports – specific and position specific-exercises to improve the athlet's movement and strengthening.


Entry examination
The first thing I must do is an make assessment of the injuries, and then I provide treatment of problems of muscles, joints or nerves
Treatment/ Physical Therapy
I use physiotherapy technique of Prague school – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization by P. Kolář to help you move better, upright posture, giving you appearance of being inches taller and lighter
Rehabilitace sportovců v terénu 30min. Zahrnuje sledování pohybového aparátu sportovce v jeho přirozeném prostředí, spolupráce s trenérem při hodnocení závěru odchylek, pomoc při akutní bolesti na místě 2.000,-
Kinesio Taping
Learn how to tape on yourself for runners knee( patella femoral tendonitis), shoulder injuries and shoulder impingement
Kine – Max kinesiology tape roll 5cmx5m / extreme adhesion / rayon material 195,-

Payment Terms:
Cash/ CZK, €
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Electronic Bank Payment
I do not accept credit cards

Thanks to my qualifications I am able to work independently, treating patients with musculoskeletal problems. If no improvement occurs, I do cooperate with doctors - specialists. Short notice appointments and keeping to a timetable are essential for me. You do not need a recommendation from a GP.