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Do you have bad habit of slouching while you walk or while you sitting? The signs of poor posture is rounded shoulder, forward head posture, or body hounched over the keybord. Muscle tension caused by poor posture can also cause lower back pain, as the muscles fatigue and become stiff. Bad postures can be a major causes of headaches. Chronic pain is most often caused by damaged spinal discs, damaged small joints between vertebras and/or scoliosis. The common complications are scars after surgeries, difficult child deliveries and injuries anywhere on the body, sprained ankles or lower limb fractures. The musculoskeletal system does not work as a whole, a specific categories muscles is being forced to work and after while it becames painfull. The everyday pain disturbs patients ́ personal and work life. Their mental state affects the physical one, they are caught in a vicious cycle and don‘t know what to do.
na jiném místě, než kde jí pacient pociťuje.

Chronic pain treatment. My goal is to discover if the problem originates in the muscles, is neurological or psychosomatic. In most cases the therapy targets the body parts the patient describes as painful. The success of the therapy also depends on the patients‘ co-operation and their diligence with the prescribed exercises.


Entry physical examination/ follow up physiotherapy treatment
I ask medical and surgical history, list of any symptoms or pain you are experiencing, you should bring any medical report from doctor, if you have (MRI scan, X- ray)/I will assess you medical history and on the basis of this develop an individual plan of physical therapy.
Treatment/ Physical Therapy1.500,-
Monthly maintenance
For patients who wants to check if they are doing the exercises well
Physiotherapy check up after 3 months
For patients I have already examined and who will come back for physical therapy after more than 3 months

Payment Terms:
Cash/ CZK, €
Mobile Payment/ Payment Receipt qr code generator
Electronic Bank Payment
I do not accept credit cards

Thanks to my qualifications I am able to work independently, treating patients with musculoskeletal problems. If no improvement occurs, I do cooperate with doctors - specialists. Short notice appointments and keeping to a timetable are essential for me. You do not need a recommendation from a GP.